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January 04, 2011

January Nutrition Challenge

Back by popular demand is the third installment of CrossFit Kingston's Nutrition Challenge. It's going to be plain and simple with one rule...


What is a whole food you ask? Well, a whole food is something that had a face or was pulled from the ground. See... Plain and simple.

If you stick to the list posted on World's Healthiest Foods, and not deviate from it, you will be fine. The things you are NOT ALLOWED to consume from this list are GRAINS, BEANS & LEGUMES, and SOY PRODUCTS. If you choose to consume dairy it must be full fat and preferably raw (meaning not pasteurized). Butter is allowed but ghee is preferred. The sweetners listed on the WHFoods site are the ONLY permissible sweeteners but must be used in EXTREME moderation (1-2 teaspoons per day) as they will promote an insulin response much greater than fruits or vegetables.

If you fall off the wagon for a meal, don't worry about it. Just get back on track with your next meal.

Alcohol - must not contain any grain product. Fruit or vegetable based alcohol is permitted (6 oz wine or 1 oz spirits), Only one serving per day.

Date: Monday January 17, 2010 to Sunday February 27, 2010.

There are no other rules. if you want to weigh, measure, photograph yourself by all means. You don't have to share it with anybody but the pictures are HIGHLY recommended. That is the only way to notice a big change in yourself. You do not have to keep a food log although it is strongly encouraged. There will be a section dedicated for those of you who would like to keep a log online just like the last challenge.

Even though we would like to base results on physical changes, we know that the majority of you do not like the idea of submitting your photos. So, this challenge will be purely performance based. We will have a series of workouts throughout the 6 week challenge. Only Andrew and Dawson will know which workouts will be used. That way you can't slack on the workout on Day 1 then blow it out of the water at the end of the challenge.

Indicate in the comments section if you plan to participate in this challenge.