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March 22, 2011


How often do you have people ask you why you don't eat "carbs"? (If you are following Paleo, Primal, or just cutting out "foods" with grains in them) I have this question asked to me weekly. I answer them with a simple, "Yes I do." Then they look at me weird and say, "Well... You don't eat bread, pasta, cereal, etc." I reply by agreeing with their statement. Trying to keep the reason why I don't eat "carbs" simple is sometimes a really tough thing to do. There is always that one person that is like a child constantly asking "Why?"

The L.A. Times published an article back on December 20, 2010 entitled "A Reversal On Carbs". The mainstream media is starting to listen to the warnings of a small group of scientists and nutritionists about the impact of grains, cereals, pastas, etc.

It's too bad the billionaire corporations have the means to keep misinforming the public just so they can pad their and the pharmaceutical company's wallets.

So what do you tell people when they ask you why you don't eat "carbs"?