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January 27, 2011

Why You Crave

Here is an article from Practice CrossFit giving reasons why you crave certain foods and what to do to ease those cravings:

Sometimes a pizza just does sound that good. Or maybe you're a pastry kinda person. Possibly a wine and cheese connoisseur, or even a beer aficionado...if there is such a thing. Clearly, sometimes you just want what you shouldn't have. Most of the time, just say no. However, sometimes your body could be "craving" a specific nutrient housed within the shell of whatever product contains it. Thus why instead of "salt", we think "pizza".

January 24, 2011


The following video comes from Catalyst Athletics. The speaker is Gant Grimes and he talks about overtraining and some cues to recognize overtraining. He also discusses the importance of rest and good/proper nutrition in order to enhance recovery. Near the end of the video he refers to GH and test. These hormones are growth hormone and testosterone.


One week under our belts. How is everyone doing? I can only assume that things are going well since I haven't heard too much. Some people have already succumbed to the temptations of foods not permitted during this 6 week challenge. Hopefully you have gotten back on track and will stay committed for the remaining 5 weeks.

Post any thoughts, concerns, progress, set-backs, etc to the comments section.