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January 24, 2011


One week under our belts. How is everyone doing? I can only assume that things are going well since I haven't heard too much. Some people have already succumbed to the temptations of foods not permitted during this 6 week challenge. Hopefully you have gotten back on track and will stay committed for the remaining 5 weeks.

Post any thoughts, concerns, progress, set-backs, etc to the comments section.


SamuraiMark said...

Except for my Mulligan Monday night (how can I hang out at the Oarsman with buddies for 5 hours and not deviate?!), I'm on track. Maybe my definition of on track is different (dairy, incl. yogurt, mayo), but I've been junk/processed food free for the past week. And I feel great!

This week, going to pay more attention to total kcals in and start scaling my intake back this/next week.


Dawson said...

Mark... Counting calories will drive you mental. Just stick to the following rule:


If you eat until you're full then you have eaten too much. Insulin gets secreted in large amounts and you'll feel sluggish/tired quickly. Then, a couple of hours later, you are hungry again. Whereas if you eat until you are satisfied, you can go several hours without eating and that sluggishness/tiredness post-eating is not there.

FYI... Mayo is a processed food. Not allowed. If you make it yourself, without sugar of course, then that's fine. But squeezing it out of a plastic bottle or scooping it out of a glass jar is a no no.

SamuraiMark said...

Blast! No more delicious mayo ... actually this looks pretty easy (just nix the sugar):


I've been planning to make some of my own yogurt too. To the kitchen!

Sandra said...

First few days I felt drained - my system off grains -
Oatmeal & quinoa are the only grains I had in my pre-challenge diet.
I found a "grain free " granola recipe for the early morn
meal, then eggs or meat and veg later morn.
Feeling better.