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May 14, 2011

Food Is Not Optional

I had a conversation with an athlete recently about concerns of abdominal fat and how to get rid of it. I gave my answer of:
  • you can't isolate a particular body area to remove fat from (unless you look into liposuction - NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • performing high intensity workouts along with a clean diet will allow the body to start burning fat to be used as energy
Then I was asked about running and getting rid of abdominal fat. My jaw clenched for a second:
  • running is a great exercise to keep the heart rate elevated and experience the feeling of "runners high", like you accomplished something great
  • any type of moderate intensity, long-distance running causes a hormone in the body, cortisol, to be released
    • leads to a breakdown of muscle protein (that's why distance runners are skinny and possess no muscle mass) - NOT GOOD FOR OUR INTENTIONS
  • with prolonged cortisol secretion, the adrenal glands become exhausted and weak resulting in adrenal fatigue
    • can lead to increased body fat, depression, and other symptoms
  • so, if you're going to run, do sprint intervals
Afterwards, I remembered a great post the I had read with regards to how important nutrition is whether you are exercising or not. Click here for the site or continue on for the article: