"We are born to be fit, strong, and healthy." Robb Wolf

June 15, 2011

New To Real Foods

So... You have finally decided to change your eating habits and focus on real, whole foods. Good for you. That is a step in the right direction to decrease any long-term illness (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases, etc). There are so many websites and "diets" that really push their style of eating. Is it confusing? Damn straight. I have tinkered with my diet so many times over the past couple of years and finally found what works for me. I don't follow Paleo because I consume dairy and sprinkle some maple syrup and honey (raw if I can find it) every now and then on some stuff. But two things I do avoid is grains and stuff with added sugar. Only because they make me feel like crap after consuming them. I know I mentioned that I have a little maple syrup and honey but they do contain some nutritional benefits whereas table sugar, artificial sweeteners, and anything ending with -ose are nutritionally void.

In order to make things easier for you when it comes to selecting the right foods to consume, Nourished Kitchen has 10 simple steps to follow to steer you in the right direction. Check it out here!