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November 20, 2010

How's It Going?

It's been a little over a week now and I'm curious to see how everyone is doing. Have you reverted back to your old ways? Have you only added one or a few thing(s)? How did you feel after reintroducing some of the foods that were forbidden during the challenge?


Amy L said...

For the most part I've been keeping it up. I have had a couple of dairy products which went fairly well, but no big glass of milk by any means, just a little cheese. I had a piece of cake at a friends birthday party and felt like it was stuck in my chest for hours. Definitely doesn't make me want to add grains back in. My old post workout soy based protein powder is going to be given away, that didn't feel so good the last time I tried it after the challenge.
Food is just tastier without grains, legumes and sugar. With minimal dairy.

Mar said...

Fell off the wagon, dove off head first hahahaha!!!

Getting back on. I've been exhausted this past week, I've added some milk in (usually tea lattes) and cheese the last few days. Likely the christmas cookies I've been baking. I need to stop sampling them. I know I can't handle grains, but I do love cookies.

I'll be having milk and a little cheese on occasion. Other than that, I'll indulge at Christmas.

Dan McD said...

Fell off the wagon.

The one upside is that I am definitely more conscious of sugar I eat and how it effects my body. My diet definitely includes more vegetables and squash.

I still drink black coffee.

Mike said...

I've pretty much stuck to it. About the only changes I've made are a bit of milk in my coffee and a few beers. Mmmmmm beer!