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May 01, 2011

What We Feed Our Kids (and ourselves)

World renowned chef, Jamie Oliver, is determined on improving the diets of people in the United Kingdom and United States. He is also a strong advocate of removing processed foods from schools.

The following is an excerpt from his show Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.


Amanda said...

Thanks for posting this!

Dawson said...

You're welcome Amanda. It's very hard to believe how brainwashed kids, and parents, are these days. So many people rely on processed foods because of their "busy lives". They don't seem to realize how stuff is made and what effects it has on the body. What we need is someone to make a spin-off of the show called "How It's Made" and call it "Food: How It's Made". Maybe that will sway people to purchasing and consuming whole & nutritious foods. But, of course, the major food corporations would quickly put an end to that show because they would lose money from their million dollars a year salary.