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November 24, 2010

Dietary Lifestyle Change #3

Looking for some feedback.

How many of you would be interested in another dietary lifestyle change (DLC) starting in January? I haven't thought about it too much yet but I'm sure it will be similar to this last one. I know a lot of people did not participate in this last change because of having to submit photos. The next challenge will probably have photos as being optional.

If you have any ideas or things that you would like to be a part of the change please let me know. Either through email or in the comments section.


Matt said...

I would be interested, and Carrie might be too. Having group challenges encourages us to stick with it, just like training. Plus I can't think of any big event around January/February that'd cause us to fail. :)

Mike said...

I'm in. As Matt said having these group challenges helps me to stick with it. The last one was great.

Sandra said...

Yes I'd like to participate is this Paleo, Primal or Zone?
Supplements allowed?