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October 14, 2011

One More Day

Hey everyone! Tomorrow you start a new chapter in your life. I hope that each and every one of you will make it through the 6 weeks and carry on this way of eating for years (the rest of your life) to come. The first week will probably be the hardest. Just stay strong!

There is an excellent offer on the table from one of our athletes. Ellie is willing to help us get through the really tough mental aspect of changing your diet. She is very knowledgeable about this and I would not pass up an opportunity to receive this information. Thanks Ellie!

Here is what she is willing to do:

"For anyone that has difficulty with sugar or other food cravings and it's stopping you from trying the challenge, I'd like to offer a free one hour teleseminar for CrossFitters on overcoming self-sabotage and emotional eating. If anyone is interested let me know and if there at least a few people interested, I'll run it within the first week of the challenge to give you some good tools for dealing with emotional eating or intense cravings that get in your way."


Heather said...

That's great - I'd attend the seminar depending on where and when. Thanks Ellie.

Amanda said...

I would be interested as well.

Ellie said...

we'll do it as a webinar, so you can just listen on-line...I'd love to offer this week for you guys, when the cravings are usually at their worst, but my schedule is completely full this week... how about next Wednesday night the 26th at 6pm or so? I would just send you a link to listen in via the web, or you can call into the conference centre if you want to be able to ask me questions and things...let me know if that date and time works for you guys...
it's probably best to email me at ellie@evolutionwellness.ca
so I don't have to keep checking this post...
Thanks ladies,