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October 02, 2010

Day 2

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Jaime said...

Pre WOD - 1 oz grilled steak, 7 cashews
Breakfast - veggie omelet, tomatoes, avocado, green tea
Snack - 1 c. chicken/shrimp veg soup with coconut milk (will share the recipe later - a keeper!)
Snack - apple, 2 oz steak, pecans; coffee with almond milk
Dinner - chicken breast (baked), steamed veggies with olive oil, 1/4 avocado
Snack - nuts, strawberries/raspberries, green tea

MAJOR headache today, pretty much all day. Low energy! Felt like napping.

Martin Fournier said...

BREAKFAST : 200g of chicken breast
SNACK : 3 broccoli, 5 baby carrot
LUNCH : 1 bowl home made mushroom soup with chicken broth. 100g chicken breast, 8 Brussels spouts, 50g rasberry
DINNER : garlic shrimp grilled in olive oil, sweet potato, mushroom, onion grilled in olive oil.
SNACK 100g of raspberry.

Linds said...

Breaky- 3 scrambled eggs, kale, mushrooms, red chili peppers(coconut oil)
- handful of macadamia nuts
1/2 cup raspberries, few strawberries
- tea

Snack- 1 boiled egg, few brazil nuts, handful of baby carrots/cucumber slices

Lunch- Lean ground beef, spinach, tomato, avacado
- handful of raw veggies, carrots, cucumber, celery

Snack- 1 boiled egg, handful of almonds, green peppers and cucumber slices

Dinner- grilled chicken breast, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, avacado.

Martha said...

Breakfast: chicken, frozen peaches (warmed & mixed with pecans), tea

Post WOD: chicken, applesauce

Lunch: coconut curry chicken -veg soup

Snack: carrot, chicken, & spoonful of filling for stuffed peppers, tsp of coconut butter

Dinner: 1/2 stuffed green pepper (stuffed with ground turkey sauce - includes, onions, grated carrots, mushrooms)
romaine lettuce wrap (guacamole & pepper stuffing)
Dessert: 1/2 apple with a tsp of coconut butter, cinnamon and coconut flakes

Snack: maca nuts, pecans, apple & coconut butter.

probably had WAY too much coconut butter today, but it's so delicious....can be found at tara foods!

Holland said...

Meal 1: 1 fried egg, 1 banana, avocado, raspberries, pecans.
Meal 2: ground turkey, scrambled egg white, mushrooms, yellow pepper, celery, onions.
Meal 3: spinach salad with striploin steak, boiled egg, mixed veggies, flax seed oil & lemon juice dressing.
Meal 4: ham, carrots, parsnips, cabbage.
Meal 5: white fish, broccoli & celery soup, almonds.
Only lots water to drink.

Janet said...

Breakfast: apple and walnuts, tea
Lunch: tossed salad with a chicken breast, seasoned with lemon an olive oil
Snack: 3 egg omelet with green pepper, red pepper, onion and spinach
Supper: chicken breast with broccoli and green beans, tea
Snack: strawberries and almonds

Mike said...

Breakfast - 3 hard boiled eggs, apple, handful walnuts.

Snack - hard boiled egg, few almonds

Lunch - 1 can tuna (in water) drained and rinsed mixed with 1/3 cucumber, 1/4 avocado, red pepper.

Dinner - beef tenderloin, brussel sprouts, squash.

Amy L said...

Pre breaky- 8 brazil nuts
Breaky- Orange Avocado salad with walnuts, black coffee
Lunch- leftover hamburger stir fry
Dinner-1 rainbow trout fillet, squash, salad with pecans and strawberry fig fruit dressing
1 oz gin with water and lime
Snack- handful of mixed nuts

brad said...

breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon, fruit bowl
Lunch: Leftover beef & veg stirfry
Dinner: baked rainbow trout, baked squash, salad w/strawberry & fig dressing
Snacks: venison jerky, mixed nuts and fruit
drink: 1oz gin w/water, lime and ice

Martha said...

hey Amy & Brad - where are you guys getting the venison jerky???

and what's the recipe for the strawberry/fig salad dressing??

Kait said...

3 fried eggs (olive oil)), tea
Modified tuna salad (tuna, avocado, celery, cucumber)
Little bit of steak
Mixed nut and fruit
Lots of water
Small glass of wine

Jen F. said...

-3 eggs
-2 apples (after becoming rabid watching Erin drink a glass of OJ)
-1 safe muffin
-1 coffee, cream
-1 cup clam chowder (when in New England...ingredients checked)
-2 bananas
-1 cup nuts and seeds
-2 cups sweet potato + kale in oil and garlic and 1/2 oz cheese
-salmon, carrots, salad with lemon, shrimp

-sugar craving in am but OK after

Dan said...

Breakfast - Salad, sliced almonds, 2 eggs, banana & a plum

Snack - Mango, Banana milk smoothie

Lunch - Homemade Veggie Shepard's pie

Snack - Dried Fruit

Dinner - Coq Au Vin, Chicken, onion, carrot, veggie stock, whole grain rice & dried fruit.

Snack - Popcorn with butter and salt

Amy L said...

Hey Martha,

I made the jerky from venison we had kicking around the freezer. Time to use it up, hopefully we will have more this fall.
I'll try to bring you a couple of pieces this week

I used the magic bullet to make my dressing
Frozen strawberries, picked this year
2 fresh figs
some olive oil
and a little water to allow for the puree action

I rarely measure

Martha said...

thanks Amy, that sounds delicious!!! So is the jerky - thanks so much!!

Hairdy said...

7:30am - 4 scrambled eggs, 1 banana
12:30pm - Approx. 8oz Pork (BBQ'd) broccoli, 1 cup of mixed nuts
3pm - Crab meat and baby shrimp
5:30pm - Stuffed Green Pepper w. lean beef, onions, diced tomatos, & tomato paste
8:30pm - Stuffed Yellow Pepper w. lean beef, onions, diced tomatos, & tomato paste
9:45pm - 1 cup of homemade apple sauce (just cinnamon)
Plenty of water throughout the day