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October 03, 2010

Day 3

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Mike said...

Breakfast - 3 hard boiled eggs, apple, 1/2 cucumber, handful almonds

Lunch - ginormous sald with lots of veggies, chicken breast

Snack - handful walnuts, 1/2 chicken breast

Dinner - chicken breast, broccoli, few almonds

Freaking hungry all day today. Can't wait to get home to make more exciting meals.

Linds said...

breaky- 3 eggs, kale, mushrooms, tomato, avacado, zucchini (cooked in coconut oil)
handful of macadamia nuts

snack- cucumber slices, red peppers, 1 boiled egg, few brazil nuts

lunch- lean ground beef, kale, mushrooms, avacado

dinner- acorn squash, stuffed with lean ground turkey, onions, mushrooms, red chili peppers

snack- macadamia nuts, honeydew melon

martha said...

breakfast: slow cooked roast (spicy seasoning), 1/4 coconut flour waffle with coconut butter & blackberries

lunch: 1/2 stuffed pepper (same as yesterday), romaine wrap with leftover guacamole and ground turkey pepper filling
early grey tea

snack: chicken, carrot sticks & a few macadamia nuts, tea

dinner: 2 slices of paleo pizza (chicken, onions, peppers, broccoli, salsa on an almond crust) - pretty good, just missing the cheese :(

snack: few pecans, broiled grapefruit with cinnamon.

had a craving for milk today and feeling a little tired.

Amanda said...

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with tomato, brocoli and left over pork. Black tea.

Snack: Banana, brazil nuts

Snack: apple, banana, oranges, more brazil nuts

Supper: Spagetti Squash topped with home made tomato sauce containing carrots, green and red peppers, onion and fresh basil with extra lean hamburger.

Snack: Frozen coconut milk with peaches, strawberries and tsp of pure vanilla topped with raspberries and lemon zest.

nappy all weekend.

Martha: Broiled grapefruit with cinnamon...yummmm!!!

Martha said...

Hey Amanda - it's really good! can almost pass for dessert!

Jaime said...

Breakfast: 3 eggs (coconut oil), salsa, 1/4 avocado, coffee w/almond milk
Snack: 7 cashews, apple, cucumber
Lunch: tuna, 1/2 avocado, cucumbers
Snack: hard boiled egg, apple, nuts
Dinner: grilled chicken, steamed veg w/olive oil, spices

Not much of a head ache today - yay! Feeling less energetic than usual though...!

Jaime said...

Martha - you've got me craving coconut butter in the worst way! lol Going to get some tomorrow! haha

Kait said...

2 egg + egg white frittata with shaved zucchini, mushrooms, orange bell peppers, 1/2 chicken breast with onion

berry + whey + water shake after a run

Seafood “Who Needs Rice” Jambalaya
1 lb talapia
1 16 ounce bag of frozen already cooked shrimp (thawed and drained)
2 cups chicken broth
1 green bell pepper cut into strips
1 orange bell pepper cut into strips
1 red bell pepper cut into strips
4-5 carrots cut into strips
a pinch or two of sea salt
1 tbsp chili powder
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp fresh cracked pepper
4 cloves of minced fresh garlic
(pretty yummy; more like a very chunky soup)

dried apricots
one spoonful of frozen coconut milk with strawberry + pure vanilla

energy level: felt a little tired by the end of the day but not when I woke up, which is customary.

Jen F. said...

-2 eggs with tomato, sausage
-2 safe muffins
-1 burger sans bun with cheese, salad with lemon + oil
-venison jerky
-1 cup nuts and seeds
-green salad with protein (chicken, turkey, cheese, egg), no dressing

--Lost 4 lbs--wasting away on day 3!!!

Martin Fournier said...

BREAKFAST: 3 eggs over-easy

SNACK: 100g salted roasted sun flower seeds.

LUNCH: 200g of chicken Breast, 250g(broccoli, carrot, cauliflower).

SNACK: 100g dry vegetable(green beans, sweet potato, squash).

DINNER: Salad + Tangerines + Strawberries + Sliced Almonds + 100g of chicken breast.

SNACK: 250g(strawberries, blueberries, blackberries).

Holland said...

Meal 1: scrambled egg & egg white, grapes, raspberries, avocado, pecans, pumpkin seeds.
Meal 2: 1 banana, almonds.
Meal 3: spinach salad with striploin steak, boiled egg, mixed veggies, flax seed oil & lemon juice.
Meal 4: curried chicken, scrambled egg white, green & red peppers, celery, mushrooms, onion.
Meal 5: ground turkey, grapes, raspberries, pecans, pumpkin seeds.

Janet said...

Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with onion & green pepper, few strawberries
Snack: boiled egg, apple sauce, nuts
Lunch: tuna, banana, nuts
Supper: salmon with lemon, asparagus, green beans
Snack: celery & carrot sticks and 6 almonds

Dan said...

Breakfast - Salad, sliced almonds, cottage cheese, 2 soft boiled eggs, banana

Snack - 1/2 cup of coffee with milk

Lunch - 1/2 chicken breast with salad

Snack - 1/2 cup of coffee with cream, veggies, fruit, some potato chips and pretzels

Dinner - Stewed beef, sarrots & onions, yogurt with oatmeal.

Post-Run - Milk with Whey Protien isolate

What I had to decline: Birthday Cake and Pop. It was even a vegan birthday cake.

Amy L said...

Breaky- paleo pancakes with almond "flour" haha leftover strawbery fig dressing in lieu of syrup
handful of nuts
Lunch- leftover hamburger stir fry
snack- raw veggies, steak
Dinner- 2 small london broils, beet,parsnip,yam baked in nutmeg and cinnamon, green beans
snack- venison jerky and 2 brazil nuts

realized the importance of protein at every meal after breaky

Hairdy said...

9am - 4 O/E eggs, 1 banana
10:30am - 1 cup of almonds/walnuts
1:30pm - Chicken Breast, 1/2 can of peas
3:30pm - 16 baby shrimp
5:30pm - Approx. 8 oz steak (BBQ'd)w. mushroom, onions, green pepper, broccoli
9pm - Stuffed green pepper w. lean beef, onions, diced tomato & tomato past.
10pm - 1 cup of homemade apple sauce (just cinnamon)

b-rad said...

Breakfast- some weird but tastey almond pancakes
handful of nuts
Lunch- leftover hamburger stir fry
snack- veggies, apple, steak strips
Dinner- 2 small london broils, beet,parsnip,yam baked in nutmeg and cinnamon, green beans
snack- venison jerky, coconut cupcake, nuts and berries