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October 04, 2010


A couple of things to share with everyone here:

I regret to say that we have lost a couple of people during the challenge and we thank them for their donation to the BBQ. Most notably Sarah McPherson who got bombed Saturday night. Day 2 into the challenge. Well done! And if I had an embarrassing picture of her I would post it. Hahaha

I am noticing that many people are not eating balanced meals or snacks. Especially snacks. Make sure you are consuming some protein, some carbohydrates and some fat at every sitting. If worse comes to worse just eat fat (nuts or seeds). They provide the most energy and are hormonally neutral. DO NOT only consume vegetables or fruit. They are carbohydrates and they will illicit an insulin response. You need protein to balance the hormones in the body and, more importantly, you need fat to really slow down the absorption of the other macronutrients.

A lot of you are not eating enough food. EAT MORE!!! Andrew and I were discussing it this morning and the one of the reasons you get cranky or irritable during a challenge like this is you are restricting calories from entering your body. Before you were relying heavily on dairy and grains to increase the caloric content of your meals. Now that those are gone (for those of you selecting Option B), you need to replace those calories somehow. This means eat more protein or fat! Especially fat. You get 2+ more times energy when consuming fat (9 calories per 1 gram) whereas you only get 4 calories per 1 gram for both protein and carbohydrates.

Limit your intake of fruit. Focus more on vegetables. yes I know fruit tastes much better than vegetables. In general, fruits have a higher glycemic index than vegetables. This means insulin levels will increase more quickly. And, once again, we are trying to focus on minimizing those insulin spikes.

I think that's it. But if more stuff pops up I'll let you know.


I LOVE VODKA said...

Excuse-moi Dawson!!!
There are no pictures because i dont enjoy public humiliation... and i was merely providing emotional support to my friends and anyone else at the grizz who might have let my drunk ass near them!
(all those people can thank me later)

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, you just enjoy humiliating others in public.