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October 08, 2010

Answering People's Questions

Hey everyone! I read your comments from yesterday and everyone seems to bring up a common thing, having to explain themselves to friends and family members as to why the dietary change. I have faced the same thing for well over a year and still experience it once a week or so. It does get frustrating having to answer the same question over and over again. I have learned to do it with a smile and not be condescending or rude. Here is what I tell people:

"I've decided to focus on foods that cause less inflammation in my body. I eat meat (eggs included), fish, LOTS of vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds, very little starch and dairy. And by eating this way I feel better, I perform better, and I believe I look better."

Of course you'll get people who "know about nutrition" and ask where you get your fiber, "carbs", calcium, etc. To reply to this all you need to say is:

"Vegetables and fruits are carbohydrates and they are loaded with fiber, minerals, and vitamins."

Try to avoid telling people what you don't eat. This will put you in a position where you may have to justify yourself as to why grains, legumes, etc are less ideal. This brings science into the equation. And if you are not a biochemist, like Robb Wolf, or on the ball the Melissa and Dallas from Whole 9, you may have a hard time trying to prove your point. This was one key point I took away from the Whole 9 seminar a bunch of us went to in Toronto.

But the main thing is not to get frustrated with all of the questions. A lot of people are afraid of, but intrigued by, change. They ask questions because they are curious, because it's something "out of the ordinary". Going away from the norm, as in the Western Diet, is a difficult concept to grasp. A lot of people don't think they have the discipline or will power to do it. Some think they don't have the time. You know what? Everyone can do it. The question to ask is, "Do you want to do it?"

For 19 of you at Crossfit Kingston you decided you wanted to do it. And I applaud you for that. Is what you're doing easy? Absolutely not. But it does get easier. The hard part is usually in the first two weeks and you are half way there.


Linds said...

Thanks for this post Dawson! It will come in handy this weekend :) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

Jaime said...

Yes, thanks Jeff! All good stuff. I'm finding it easier than I thought to follow. I think when you feel so damn good you want to keep feeling that way, and if it means not eating certain things, then so be it! That's not to say that I haven't had sugar cravings, but not nearly as many as I thought I would. It's all good! Thanks again for challenging us! :)

Mike said...

Thanks for the info Dawson, as far as meals go this has been "easier than I feared". I haven't had a problem finding filling and satisfying meals. I just tell people I'm involved in a food challenge which requires some minor changes to what I eat and don't. So far I haven't had to get into a debate. I haave read the Paleo book so can come back with the arguments but prefer not to as many won't listen anyway.