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November 08, 2010

Day 39

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Linds said...

post wod- sweet potato, ground turkey

breaky- 2 eggs, shrooms, zukes, applesauce with coconut milk

lunch- lean ground beef, shrooms, asparagus, squash, honeydew melon with almond butter

snack- 1/2 piece of chicken, few brazil nuts, cukes, green pepps, few carrot sticks

dinner- egg whites, broccoli, cauliflower, honeydew with almond butter

Jen F. said...

pre: scrambled eggs with tomato and cheese, coffee + cream

post: spaghetti squash with meat sauce, coffee + cream

1 apple, nuts, dried fruit, 1 safe muffin

steak with butter (yeah, Bella!!), carrots, broccolini, red wine

Martha said...

MMMMMMMM steak with butter Jen, I'm soooo jealous. Hmmm, that may be something I'll be eating in the near future!!!

1/2 coconut waffle with blueberry sauce, ground hamburger thing

tea & water

leftover Shepherds pie, spoonful of coconut butter

green tea

red thai curry with chicken, tea!

Jaime said...

Pre WOD: 1 meatball, few nuts

Post WOD: 3 meatballs, banana

Snack: handful of nuts

Lunch: chicken, green salad with tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, raspberries/blueberries (on sale this week at Loblaws if you want some!), coffee with almond milk

Snack: chicken, 1/2 safe muffin, banana

Dinner: red curry chicken with veggies, 1 DELICIOUS glass of red wine!!! (Jen - did you have some?? yummy! haha)

Lots of water today...

Amanda said...

Breaky: Turkey bacon, apple, brazil nuts; black tea

Snack: pork, 1/2 grapefruit, few walnuts

Lunch: 1 cup of spaghetti squash and hamburger, tomato- veggie goodness

Supper: Squash soup made from scratch with chicken, carrots, peppers, onions, celery!! Paleo Sesame seed crackers!!!!

Root canal today! Looking forward to what I can eat over the next couple of days... Haha!
Soups a brewing!

Dan McD said...

Breakfast - Salad, 2 eggs, roast beef, celery, carrots, green and red pepper, almonds and pieces of apple, pear and plum.

Snack - Banana, coffee, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and raisins

Lunch - Spaghetti sauce and buttercup squash

Snack - Coffee, almonds, brazil nuts and raisins

Snack - Roast beef and squash

Post-WOD - Milk and whey protein isolate.

Dinner - Roast beef, squash and spinach.

Finally starting to put weight on again.

Dawson said...

Jen... How do you function by not eating a lot of food? Holy schmoly Batman!!! No wonder why you keep losing weight. EAT!!!

Jen F. said...

Dawson...I AM eating--there's lots there!

Jaime...I did but at Bella--the bottles are still untouched....mmmmm.....

Mike said...

Breaky - 3 eggs, walnuts, strawberries, kiwi

Lunch - pot roast, squash, few almonds

Snack - 2 eegs, almonds, apple, 1/3 cucumber

Dinner - pot roast, mixed salad, olive oil

Snack - walnuts, egg, sald

Amy L said...

fruit, nuts, tea
spaghetti squash with meat sauce
more fruit, nuts
steak, steamed brussel sprouts and broccolli, sweet potato

Meals not as balanced, too tired. Would have eaten even worse if Jen hadn't brought me squash and meat sauce