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November 10, 2010

Day 41

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Amanda said...

Breaky: two eggs, 1/4 avocado, walnuts

Snack: handfuls of nuts- more meetings

Lunch: homemade beef and broccoli with paleo crackers

Snack: pork, celery with almond butter

Supper: turkey burger with egg plant as the bun- so yummy! Apple with almond butter!

Linds said...

post wod- chicken, sweet potato

breaky- 2 eggs with shrooms, cauliflower, few brazil nuts

lunch- lean ground beef, onions, zukes, squash, few brazil nuts

post run/dinner- red curry chicken with veg, 1 safe muffin

Jen F. said...

pre: 3 spoonfuls hamburger tomato sauce, coffee + cream

post: 3 egg omelet with cheese, 1 box raspberries, 1 box blackberries, bunch of grapes, coffee + cream

beef, cukes, tomato with bocconcini (I have no idea how to spell this right now), grapes, coffee + cream

turkey, broccoli, cheese, red wine

Amy L said...

apple with almond butter, tea
brazil nuts, coffe
steak, grape tomatoes
pork roast, sauteed mixed veg

Dan McD said...

Breakfast - Salad, 2 eggs, roast beef, pear and banana

Snack - Coffee, almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts

Lunch - Homemade Spaghetti sauce and mashed sweet potatoes, almonds and dried mango.

Snack - Coffee, dried mango, almonds & avocado

Dinner - Chicken and salad

Post-WOD - Milk and whey protein isolate

Dinner - Chicken, buttercup squash and salad.

I ate too many slices of dried mango this afternoon. By then end of the day my stomach was telling me it wasn't happy. Note, don't bring dried mango to work any more.

Martha said...

pre - chicken & nuts
post - banana, chicken, tea

chicken, salad & guacamole

more chicken, salad & walnuts, 1/2 apple with macadamia nut butter

and more chicken, salad, steamed brussel sprouts with olive oil & pepper

dates with almond butter, few pieces of chicken

few cups of tea today, coffee with almond milk.

Mike said...

Pre Wod - 1 egg, few walnuts

Post WOD - protein powder, water, apple sauce

Breaky - 3 eggs, few walnuts, 2 kiwis

Lunch - chicken breast, salad, olive oil, lemon

Snack - mac nuts

Dinner - 5 egg omelette, green pepper, onion, asparagus, brazil nuts

Post hockey - protein powder, water, orange

Jaime said...

A day late...

Pre: chicken, nuts
post: chicken, banana

breakfast: 2 eggs, salsa, 1/2 avocado, tea

snack: few nuts

dinner: chicken curry with veg

snack: nuts