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October 10, 2010

Day 10

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Linds said...

Amy/Jen- fill me in on these 'safe' muffins please!!

Holland said...

Ya I'm with Linds....I've been wondering about those too!!

Jen F. said...

Ha ha...Amy's creation--she's been supplying me since the first day. I think they are the ones from Dawson's munchables page--in the blueberry section..although her last batch was lemon cran. At first they are kinda gross and smell funny but I quite like them, now. Oh, what you get used to...:)

Mike said...

I just want to thank everyone for posting their meals and how they've been feeling. It has really inspired me to keep up with the dedication. Whenever I feel like having a Guiness (thanks Martha!) I read the blog and think I can stick with it. I need to remove Food Network TV from my cable!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
breakfast: chicken, coconut flour waffle with blueberry/coconut milk sauce

snack: almonds, raw carrots & turkey

lunch: turkey, ham, cooked carrots & turnips, almonds, dill pickle (with Jeffs approval) coffee

snack: almonds, turkey

supper: leftovers from lunch, red chai tea.

easier than I thought it would be to resist the thanksgiving temptations.

I'm still not feeling that well, Jeff thinks I may be detoxing now instead of the first few days of the challenge

Martha said...

Sorry forgot to add my name - seriously, I've been a space cadet & very clumbsy that last few days.

Linds said...

I hear ya Mike! I love reading what yummy things Mar comes up with for breaky as an alternative to eggs for a change :) I need to try these waffles!

Also, would love to read that book when you're finished..that would be awesome!

post run- squash, eggs whites

breaky- egg white omelette, spinach, shrooms, toms, honeydew/cantelope
- green tea

snack- 1 boiled egg, few filberts, raw veggies- carrots, cukes, red pepps

dinner (yes I skipped lunch, breaky was late and when you see what I had for dinner you will understand why lunch wasnt necessary)

- turkey, cranberries (made with the juice of an orange instead of sugar...sadly not that good),
- cauliflower with mushrooms and onions,thyme/rosemary
- paleo stuffing- apples, walnuts, celery, onion (loved it)

snack- very unnecessary but had to try it- berry pie (crust was ground almond with coconut oil) filling was just frozen berries I had cooked. Wasn't the prettiest looking pie..but it was goood :) topped with some chilled coconut milk !

Sorry for the novel..tomorrow will be shorter I promise :)

Jen F. said...

-omelet with cheese, mushies, ham, peppers, coffee/cream
-grapes, cheese, steak, veggies/greens from last nite
-turkey, 1 spoonful of sweet potatoes (mashed), 1 spoonful of squash (mashed), red and green cabbage salad with apples
-pear and banana for "dessert" (amid pumpkin cheesecake and apple tortiere/ice cream) with decaf coffee and cream
-froze the "good stuff" for post-challenge.
-1 glass white wine

I now hate my favourite white wine--it tastes bad and makes me sick and irritable...DAWSON!!!!!

I am also feeling better thru the day but when I get tired, I go down hard. Especially at the end of the day, which now means 9.00. Napped today from noon till 1.

I have leveled out a little in weight but it still seems a little low and I am working hard to keep it up. I've also lost at least 1/2 inch from waist and almost 1 inch from hips. Pants I got 2 weeks ago no longer fit...DAWSON!!!!

Not so hungry either, but no workouts since Friday so we will see next week. Tues is WOD/hot power yoga double whammy so I expect changes in this area.

Not sure if anyone is interested in discussing more details about how they are 10 days in but my mood is different, I smell different, and I am peeing all the time--even numerous times thru the nite--which is unusual. Wondering about this last one...not a good sign from a Chinese medicine point of view but hopefully it's a transient detox sign that will pass and not an impending Kidney disaster.

Cravings are pretty much gone...didn't even mind not eating certain dinner items with everyone else tonite--funny how peeps will try to force you to eat with them...either overtly or passive aggressively...they can't stand it. I'm finding this even worse than back in my vegetarian days.

Mar said...

Hahaha, I did the same as you Jen, some desserts are in the freezer.
I'm also peeing all the time, crash hard and I'm finding I'm way more irritable than before - maybe jeffs right, my detox is starting later.
people look at you like you're strange & yes, peeps (my dad- hahaha) were trying to get me to eat the forbidden foods.

I feel like my stomach is getting messed up again. Looking for an alternative to meat & eggs. Anybody?? any suggestions??

Dan said...

Breakfast - Salad, 2 eggs, fruit and cottage cheese.

Snack - 1/2 cup of coffee

Lunch - Chicken breast, carrot sticks, steamed brocelli and spagetti squash

Snack - carrot sticks

Dinner - Spagetti squash, butternut squash, turkey, mixed frozen veggies. Dessert was a pie made from ground almond mixed with a bit of butter. Filling was mixed berries and topped with coconut milk. It definitely helped to fight the dessert cravings.

Oh, and I had a full glass of wine and it hit me like a rock.

10 Days in and it is still challenging. I am in the gradual option and every week feels like a huge change. I don't know what I am going to do when I have to cut out dairy next Friday.

After cutting out sugar I found my energy level was more level. I cannot think of a better way to describe it. My energy does not go high and low like it used it.

I found I go through a lot of water in a day. I couldn't get enough water for the rest of the day Saturday after the WOD.

When I decided to try this, I did not expect to get so much flack from people. It is one of the biggest annoyances with the challenge.

Jaime said...

Breakfast: veggie & spinach omelet (would have tasted so much better with cheese!), salsa, 1/2 avocado, raspberries, strawberries, coffee with almond milk

Snack: beef roast, 7 cashews, berries

Snack: bit of chicken, salsa, avocado, few nuts

Dinner: red curry 'turkey' with brocolli, cauliflower and mushrooms.

Had a late breakfast so didn't feel the need for lunch - 2 snacks instead! Find that I'm super thirsty for plain old water.

Energy feels pretty darn good! Although I must say I have been tempted in the past couple days to eat forbidden foods! I have held strong even with pressure to eat the bad stuff! lol

Jen F. said...

Martha: fish? I know you can't eat too much of this d/t mercury issues but can you switch it up a bit, at least for a few days?

Dan: that's the prob with option A--yer peeling the bandaid off slowly and each week is a new torture...:)

Holland said...

Meal 1: spaghetti squash, ground beef with mushrooms, onions & tomato sauce.
Meal 2: 2 poached eggs, turkey bacon, mixed fruit, small espresso.
Meal 3: pecan chicken, red & green pepper, apple butter.
Meal 4: turkey, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cashews; 1 glass red wine.

No really cravings at all except for alcohol (the 1 glass of wine thing is such a teaser!) & my caramel latte from starbucks.
I've been eating pretty close to paleo since the first challenge back in january (with cheats of course in moderation) so for me it hasn't been bad. My energy seems good and no irritablity.
Stay strong everyone!!!

Amy L said...

Breaky- coconut pancakes- receipe from marks daily apple, assorted fruit, coffee
Snack- dried mango, safe muffin, mixed nuts, apple cinnamon tea
Supper- turkey, turnip, salad with beet tops, pecans, oranges and cranberries. One glass of white wine I didn't even finish.
Pumpkin pie- with pecan meal crust (thanks for the recipe jamie) and modified pie filling. tried to make coconut whipped cream, it was ok.

Brad's family tried the pie and said they missed the sugar for the most part, some of them said they would eat it again.

I've been getting these weird pains under my right ribs the last 2 days. They come and go. Does anyone have any idea what my liver is doing?
Pretty sure everyone thinks my dietary restrictions are a nuisance. I'm finding that people are responding differently to me.
Being in Espanola is really challenging and I'm starting to hate food!! It feels like such an ordeal to make meals here.
I'd like to thank everyone for their posts, they really are helpful and encouraging.

mr. fuller. said...

happy 101010!

Breakfast - coconut pancakes with assorted fruit, black coffee
Snack - mixed nuts, fruit, coffee
Lunch - salad, raw veg from dad's garden
Supper - turkey, turnip, salad with beet tops, pecans, oranges and cranberries. amy's pumpkin pie. interesting with the whipped coconut topping while watching everyone else eat it with vanilla icecream.

Kait said...

hard boiled egg

hard boiled egg
mixed nuts
unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon

curried hash
fruit salad
glass of wine