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October 20, 2010

Day 20

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Jaime said...

Pre Wod: 3 extra lean turkey meatballs, 3 cashews

Post Wod: protein shake (with water), small banana

Breakfast: spinach, tomato, mushroom omelet, peppermint tea

Lunch: 6 extra lean turkey meatballs, cherry tomatoes, mixed nuts (pecans, walnuts, macadamia - 8)

Dinner: 1/2 grilled chicken breast, steamed brocolli, mushrooms, peppers with olive oil (didn't eat much, no appetite - turned into lunch for tomorrow!)

Lots of water drank today, finding I'm not as hungry as I used to be. A good thing I'm sure!

We're almost halfway there! Thank God! ;) haha

Mar said...

chicken & pecans

chicken & apple sauce post WOD

hamburger soup with spaghetti squash, 1/2 apple with almond butter

soup (as above), couple bites of chicken, steamed carrots (olive oil, parsley, pepper & ginger), 1/2 apple with almond butter

chicken, rest of carrots, dates with almond butter.

chinese tea

not as ravenous as usual, not quite so tired either!!

Stretched tonight too!! thanks for the tips this am Foster!

Jen F. said...

Haha...love to see your tea made it onto the menu, Martha!! Good job on the stretches--and the acro!!

pre WOD: omelet with tomato and avocado

post: chicken, turkey sausage (ingredients checked), avocado, tomato, coffee with cream, apple

salad with greens, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, asparagus, strawberries, 1 hard boiled egg, tuna, sprinkle of cheddar, olive oil, 1 apple, coffee with cream

more chicken, turkey sausage, 1 glass red wine

Linds said...

post wod- egg whites, sweet potato

breaky- omelette with shrooms, toms and spinach, steamed veg

snack- raspberries with coconut milk

pre run- few brazil nuts
post run- sweet potato, egg whites

dinner- slow cooked roast beef with carrots, onions, squash and broccoli with coconut oil
- few brazil nuts

Enjoyed the stretches this am Jen...Thank you!!!

Amy L said...

Breaky- 2eggs fried with chard,mushrooms, grape tomatoes, 4 brazil nuts, tea
Lunch-leftover roast with squash
Snack- roast wth squash, plum
Supper- coconut curry chicken, with peppers, brocolli, onions,mushrooms, eggplant, zuch,
Snack- more coconut curry chicken

Dan McD said...

Breakfast - Salad, 2 eggs, pear, apple, banana, almonds and pecans.

Snack - Black Coffee, dried apple,raisins and macadamia nuts.

Lunch - Lean ground beef, cabbage, diced tomato and veggie broth

Snack - Black Coffee, macadamia nuts, almonds, raisins, dried apple slices, avocado and banana

Pre-WOD - 1/2 banana, almonds and pecans

Post-WOD - 500ml of 1% milk and 2 tbsp. of whey protein isolate

Dinner - Steamed sweet potatoes, can of tuna (Dolphin safe), celery, green peppers, onions, spinach, white wine vinager and Mrs. Dash.

Holland said...

Meal 1: scrambled egg, pork, mixed fruit, pecans.
Meal 2: pork tenderloin & mushroom omelette, 1 banana, almonds.
Meal 3: beef tenderloin, red & green pepper, asparagus, walnuts.
Meal 4: pork tenderloin, unsweetened applesauce, 1 pear, almond butter.
Meal 5 (Post WOD): spaghetti squash, sauce with ground chicken, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, onions; pecans.

Amanda said...

Breaky: Spaghetti squash, two egg omelette (sesame seed oil). Black tea.

Snack: Strawberries; brazil nuts

Lunch: Two hardboiled eggs with grilled veggies (sesame seed oil)

Snack: Carrots; mac. nuts

Supper: Butternut squash with hamburger. Earl Grey Tea

Snack: Carrot-Coconut muffin

Mike said...

Pre WOD - 2 eggs, few walnuts
almost lost the eggs @ Fight Gone Bad!
Post WOD - protein powder with water, apple sauce

Breaky - 3 eggs, strawberries, fish oil caps

Lunch - chicken, apple, green pepper, handful almonds

Snack - more chicken, 1/2 cucumber, few almonds

Dinner - same as lunch

Snack handful walnuts.

Hunger is no longer an issue it seems. In fact at times I have to force myself to eat. Scale has been leveling off as well.

brad said...

Breakfast - egg and steak strips with onions, handful of nuts, tea
Lunch - 3 egg omlette with onions, green peppers and brocolli
Snack - nuts, seeds and berries, tea
Pre WOD - more steak and egg
Supper/Post WOD - coconut curry chicken, with peppers, brocolli, onions,mushrooms, eggplant, zuch,
Snack - more coconut curry chicken