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November 03, 2010

Day 34

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Mike said...

what's your take on balsamic vinegar. From my reading it's not Paleo but seems to be acceptable in limited amounts?

Jen F. said...

pre: 1 egg, coffee + cream

post: 3 egg omelet with tomatoes, mushies, cheese, halibut, coffee + cream (over morning)

chicken, beef, cukes, tomatoes, pineapple, melon, hard boiled egg, asparagus

halibut, cheese, apple, 1 glass red wine

Jaime said...

Pre WOD: few bites steak, 4 cashews
Post WOD: steak, banana

Breakfast: hamburger patty, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, few nuts, coffee with almond milk

Lunch: spaghetti squash with meat sauce, few nuts

Snack: leftover spaghetti sauce with meatsauve, few nuts

Dinner: shrimp cooked with coconut oil, garlic, lemon juice with a green salad with mango, red onion, olive oil, 4 cashews

Snack: 1/2 safe muffin, 1 meatball, 3 nuts, 1 glass red wine

Hmm I feel like I ate a lot today! Was definitely hungry! ;)

Linds said...

post wod- few pieces of chicken, 2 oz sweet potato

breaky- 2 eggs, kale, shrooms, avacado, 1/2 apple with coconut milk

post yoga- egg whites, few carrot sticks

lunch- mahi mahi, asparagus, squash, avacado

snack- few brazil nuts, honeydew melon

dinner- red curry chicken, avacado salad (romaine lettuce topped with diced tomato, red onion, avacado, juice from a lime)

Dan McD said...

Breakfast - Salad, chicken, 2 eggs, almonds, pecans, apple, orange, a whole banana

Snack - Coffee

Lunch - Chicken, onion, garlic and pepper squash

Snack - Coffee, Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Brasil Nuts and raisins

Dinner - Curried fish, butternut squash and broccoli.

I slept for 10 hrs. last night, I guess I was tired.

Amanda said...

Breaky: Banana Pancakes; turkey bacon; black tea

Snack: Cucumbers; hard-boiled egg; pumpkin seeds

Lunch: Dill Pork; squash; mac. nuts. Short Americano

Snack: Apple; almonds (forgot to eat my egg again)

Supper: Beef stirfry (Zukes, carrots, onions, broccoli, red, orange and yellow pepperswith spices and cooked in sesame seed oil; 1/2 cup coconut milk with a touch of cocoa, 1/2 banana, a few walnuts, tsp of toasted coconut. aka Frozen goodness!!

Handful of coconut and slivered almonds!

Lots of water!

Mike said...

Pre WOD - 2 eggs, few walnuts

Post WOD - protein powder with water, apple sauce

Breaky - 3 eggs, 2 kiwis, few almonds

Lunch - beef tenderloin, mixed salad with olive oil, lemon

Dinner - 1/2 lbs xtra lean ground beef patty with a bit of mustard and tomato paste, salad with olive oil, lemon

Snack - 1/2 can tuna, celery, green pepper, few almonds

Martha said...

pre- chicken & few nuts, cup of black tea

post- sweet potatoes & pork

hamburger (crushed tomatoes, spices), steamed carrots & grilled red peppers with olive oil & pepper

curried shrimp (coconut oil, red curry paste, curry powder & shredded coconut), salad, steamed veggies, few nuts

more hamburger, veggies & nuts

dates with almond butter, herbal tea

Amy L said...

3 egg omelette with assorted veg, coffee

coffee, safe muffin

tilapia with mac nut coating, assorted mixed veg

apple cinnamon tea