"We are born to be fit, strong, and healthy." Robb Wolf

November 06, 2010

Day 37

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Linds said...

post wod- ground turkey, sweet potato

breaky- 2 eggs, shrooms. zukes, asparagus, applesauce with coconut milk

snack- chicken, brazil nuts, cukes, carrot sticks and green pepps

dinner- 2 eggs, asparagus, shrooms, banana with almond butter

Jaime said...

Pre Wod: 1 meatball, few nuts

Post Wod: 2 meatballs, banana

Breakfast/Lunch: 2 eggs, salsa, 1/2 avocado, grapes, coffee with almond milk

Dinner: red curry chicken with veggies, 1 glass red wine

Snack: few nuts

Feeling great today! :) Am definitely going to continue eating this way... I find it amazing that one glass of wine now gets me feeling a little tipsy! lol Is anyone else experiencing this? Used to take me a lot more! ;) I'm not complaining though!

Martha said...

pork, nuts, apple, tea

yummy thai soup/stew thing (chicken, coconut milk, red peppers, sunflower seeds & sunflower butter, onions), steamed broccoli with olive oil & pepper

more tea

a Shepherds pie (my first time eating one ever!) It was really good.
ground beef with diced onions, carrots & broccoli topped with sweet potatoes.

tea & water, pistachios

My cravings have finally let up, it took about 5 weeks, but I can finally look at the halloween candy (for the most part) and not want any.
All I really want is a little milk & a chunk of cheese. I'm not wanting junk food or pizza, any of that stuff.

I've noticed quite a huge improvement, I'm a lot stronger since this challenge, have lost lbs & inches, more muscle!!!

Thanks guys! Have loved seeing what everyone is eating as well!

Amanda said...

B: Turkey bacon, apple with alomd butter.

S: apples; walnuts; americano

L/S; pasuito, raw veggies- peppers, cukes and carrots

Sup: Sapghetti Squash with tomato sauce. Apple Crisp.

So...my huge craving throughout the challenge has been Brie...this weekend (amoungst many others) was a tough one. It was my brother's 40th b-day party!!! Oh- and In Guelph. I should mention, that we too are HUGE foodies!! I arrive- to food everywhere...sssooooo good. I'm good; come prepared...and there was a lot of friendly food! As I arrive, my sister-in-law is pulling out a crusted baked brie with fig! OMG!!! I almost caved!!!

Thank everyone! Great to see what everyone is going through and also enjoying!

I feel great as well!!!

Dan McD said...

Breakfast - Salad, 2 eggs, mango, almonds, pecans and chicken.

Lunch - Pork chops, onions, apple, green pepper, broccoli and mashed sweet potato

Dinner - Pork chop, onions, apple, green pepper, broccoli and mashed sweet potato

Snack - Tea with amereto and grand marnier. Avocado, banana, almonds, pecans, mac nuts and raisins.

Jen F. said...

Away so challenging but...

scrambled eggs with sausage, fruit salad, coffee + cream

burger with cheese (no bun), crappy salad

salmon, carrots, red wine

Yes, Jaime, I find that I sometimes get REALLY drunk on one glass...historically, I could drink a large man under the table with no visible effects....I think my friend Erin took a vid on Sat nite during a particularly hysterical moment....maybe she will share...:)

Jaime said...

Haha Jen! I definitely would love to see that video!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's become a lightweight when it comes to drinking!! ;) It's all good!

Amy L said...

eggs fruit coffee
mixed nuts
butternut squash soup, tea
mixed nuts
chicken, mixed veg with beef, bean sprout stuff

Watched everyone put back some tasty egg rolls and chicken balls post funeral. Managed to stay away from all the stuff I couldn't have.