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November 05, 2010

Day 36 - Last Week

Alright! We are on the home stretch. I'm hoping all of you have noticed a difference in how you feel, look, and perform. Andrew and I have noticed a lot of big improvements when it comes to performance. How you look is a little more difficult to judge since we see you almost every day. But for some of you, it is quite evident that you have slimmed up tremendously.

Great work!

Post your meals for the day in comments section.


Mike said...

Andrew and Dawson,

I just wanted to thank you guys for all your support! This has been a great challenge and one I plan on sticking with (for the most part).

For me, weeks 3 and 4 were the hardest with lack of energy and cravings. The cravings have subsided lately and energy levels have improved. I no longer have the usual bloated feeling or afternoon crashes. I've lost a good amount of fat along with inches off my waist and feel much much better overall. I think I may have even seen an ab. Haha!

Jen F. said...

Echoed. I know we've been grumpy about how we are so deprived but great experience so far and thanks for the advice and support.

Early post--hitting the road for a long drive.

Pre: 1 egg

Post: burger, apple, cheese, banana

over day: roasted chicken, apples, banana, more cheese, coffee + cream

I have nuts, apples, cheese and coffee + cream to keep me happy and awake tonite at the wheel.

Great weekend everyone...not sure how I will get thru without knowing what y'all are eating (no internet) but will catch up Sunday...:)

Linds said...

post wod- ground turkey with sweet potato

breaky- steak, 2 poached eggs, steamed veg, few brazil nuts

lunch- chicken, squash, avacado, appleasauce with coconut milk

snack- raw veg (cukes, carrots, green pepps), few brazil nuts, ground turkey

dinner- chicken, broccoli, shrooms, zucchini, 1/2 banana with almond butter and a few hazelnuts

Linds said...

Well said Mike and Jen :) Thank you Dawson, and everyone taking part in this dietary lifestyle change for all of your recipes, advice, support and comments ! I have noticed a huge difference and just feel so much better overall. I plan on sticking with this way of eating !

Jaime said...

Pre WOD: 1 meatball, 3 cashews, black coffee

Post WOD: 2 meatballs, banana

Breakfast: steak & 2 eggs, steamed veggies, black coffee, few nuts

Snack: nuts

Lunch: 2 eggs, salsa, 1/2 avocado

Dinner: chicken, salad, mango salad, olive oil, few nuts, 1 glass red wine; tea with almond milk

I agree with Mike, Jen & Linds! Although these past few weeks have been challenging, I too plan on continuing with this way of eating. I feel a lot better and want to keep feeling this way! I'm happy to say my cravings for bread (mmm pizza crust!) have pretty much passed! :)

Dan McD said...

Breakfast - Salad, 2 eggs, almonds and pecans

Snack - Coffee, almonds, macadamia nuts, brasil nuts

Lunch - A huge serving of homemade spaghetti and pepper squash. I find I am eating much larger meals just to fill myself

Snack - Coffee and more almonds, macadamia nuts, brasil nuts

Pre-WOD - Almonds and chicken

Post-WOD - Milk and whey protien isolate

Dinner - Chicken and greek salad. I didn't feel like picking out all the little pieces of feta cheese.

Late Snack - Macadamia nuts, pecans, chicken, carrot sticks, raisins and apricots. I couldn't sleep and was very thirsty and hungry.

This nutrition challenge has been good and I appreciate everyone posting on the blog. The challenge is easier when you know other people are going through the same problems as you.

Dawson, Andrew, thanks for organizing this. The $20 deposit was a good idea and has helped to keep me motivated for the challenge.

I will carefully change my eating habits once we complete this challenge. I have lost too much weight and need to gain some of it back.

Dawson said...

Dan... I don't know what the quantity of chicken, raisins, and apricots you ate were but raisins and apricots are very high on the glycemic index chart. That may have contributed to your inability to sleep. Your body must secrete an excess amount of insulin in order to combat the onslaught of sugar being absorbed into the blood. As a result, your blood sugar levels drop below a normal level. A message is sent to your brain that tells you to eat because your body thinks that it does not have enough fuel to keep the normal functions of the brain going.

As well, if you eat too soon to bedtime, your body has to go through the digestive process while you are trying to sleep. This uses energy and disrupts the normal sleep pattern until digestion is complete. Ideally your last snack should be 2+ hours prior to going to bed.

Amanda said...

Breaky: turkey bacon; apple with almond butter

Snack: carrots, hardBoiled egg; brazil nuts

Post WOD: protein with blueberries and banana

Lunch: asparagus, nuts

Supper: pork, squash, brazil nuts

White wine

Martha said...

late post, can't really remember what I ate pre & post WOD

pork, kiwi, nuts

salad with chicken, chicken breast, nuts,


tea & water, yoga class

some curry ground chicken meat, nuts

Amy L said...

eggs, bacon, melon, grapes, coffee
nuts, tea
hamburger with assorted veg and spaghetti squash
dried apricot
brazil nuts and banana